Wednesday, July 25, 2012

pretty things around the internet

i spent a huge chunk of today going through and kiiiind of organizing button factory inventory. i had forgotten about some of the pretty stuff i found and squirreled away earlier this year. i can't wait for bekuh and i to combine our collections next week and spend some time preparing for future updates to the etsy store!

i also got dangerously close to finishing all of "sex and the city" (i'm not ready for it to end! ..again), so i started watching "bored to death." i just love jason schwartzman and zach galifinakis. :)

so now i'm relaxing, and catching up on the internet.. so here are some pretty (and cool) finds..

i'm kind of dreaming ahead to layering up on cool fall days, and this dramatic scarf (-type-thing) is inspiring a ton of outfits.

this deadstock dress is SO magical, and i wish i had a grown up excuse to buy it, since it's out of my sundress budget. i just love it.

i've fallen in love with so much of the art on fréya eté's etsy.

this pretty necklace was actually in the running for part of my lovely package exchange gift, but since i decided against it, i've fallen more and more in love with it. so. gorgeous.

clearly i have a thing for necklaces. and pretty much everything else in the dinosaurtoes etsy shop. i bought a gift for a friend from this shop awhile ago, but i'd love to own something, too!

danielle's pictures and stories from this incredible store in belgium were so appealing.. i was jealous that she got to visit! it makes me want to grab and empty suitcase and fly out tomorrow for a short shopping trip!

as bekuh and i start the preliminary plans to visit becca for renegade chicago, i've been drawn to anything craft-fair-related. oh, hello friend!'s post got me SO excited. i just hope my friends and family are prepared for all of the handmade christmas gifts they're getting this year. :)

i found this little story through princess lasertron (one of my number one biggest inspirations, in case you were curious): an investment into a business run by a 9 year old.. SO sweet.



  1. I'm obsessing over that dress! The back of it is absolutely gorgeous! And I also really love both of those necklaces, especially the dinosaurtoes one. ;)

  2. YES i love new etsy shops to check out!!

    and ive always wanted to go to renegade anywhere! hope the planning goes well:)

  3. I've watched the seasons of Sex and the City 3 times now...they never get old. :) I am in love with both of those necklaces, so pretty!

  4. Renegade Chicago!!! I've been going for years!... maybe we can meet up for coffee or something! :)