Monday, July 9, 2012

road trippin' with becca

late last week, becca and i took a road trip to richmond.

sometimes you just need a little bit of a break with your best friend. the actual circumstances taking us to richmond were not awesome, but we made it relaxing and enjoyable all the same. originally planning to leave friday morning at 5am, becca's mom angelically offered us up a hotel room for thursday night, so we got our hairs cut and were on our way.

there were some slight gps setbacks, and we arrived around midnight. i think i passed out in bed soon after, while becca worked on a paper.

the next morning, we took full advantage of the free breakfast, and even though the room was FULL (like every table full) of a family headed to a quinceaƱera, the coffee was good, there was bacon, and i really like cereal.

after we took care of some business, we headed to a nearby starbucks to talk literature.

not really. kind of. becca worked on a paper, i made notes for the store, and we sometimes discussed literature. then we went shopping! we both got lots of perfect things and took advantage of those big summer sales deals and it was just so good to go shopping with my best friend. i needed some new clothes for my new job, and i'm sure you'll end up seeing some of my spoils here soon. :)
then we left to go home.

the floor at my seat: my shopping bags, my purse, my overnight bag
i'm pretty sure i just say this every time i see becca, but i'm so glad i get to see her as often as i do. she'll be back in town in a month or so, and i'm planning a trip to her for september (for renegade! with bekuh!), so our long distance best friendship isn't actually as dire as it sometimes seems.

i'm mostly posting both of these pictures to show how inconveniently unphotogenic we can be at times. sometimes we're so cute, sometimes we're not so cute. to be fair, we'd been awake since 6:30 am, shopping all day in the heat, and driving for 4 hours when we took these. :) <3

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