Thursday, July 12, 2012

when embarrassing tv things become relevant

since i finished gossip girl, i was looking for a silly girly tv show to fulfill those few hours i'm home alone. i decided to rewatch the entirety of sex and the city. i'm in the middle of the second season right now, and it's kind of weird.. because i'm officially their age. i mean, i guess i'm still a little bit younger, but definitely not as young as i was the first few times i watched the show in full. because of this, even though i definitely don't live the lives these girls do, things are starting to resonate with me. sometimes it's the big stuff, like the way they handle relationships and the lessons they preach (giving yourself half the time of the relationship to recover from the relationship is one of my most tried and true relationship rules), but sometimes it's tiny, like this exchange:

miranda: i'm all alone, carrie. the first people on my "call in case of emergency" list are my parents. and i don't like them. and they live in pennsylvania.
carrie: sweetie, you can put me on there.
miranda: i can't! you screen!

i'm not saying that i don't like my parents, or that i'm alone, even though i do still have them as my emergency contacts (although i feel like that'll switch to austin in the coming years), but that i screen my calls like it's my job!

even with a caller id!

even when i was anxiety-ridden over wanting to hear from my new job, i didn't answer unknown numbers. i guess i've succumbed to that "if they need me, they'll text me.. why call me?!?!" ridiculous mindset. carrie didn't even have texts to worry about. yikes. i'm going to do better about answering my phone. <3


  1. I've never watched Sex and the City, but I've heard so many good things about it that I kind of want to check it out.
    Anyways, ah I can kind of understand in that if I miss a call from someone I don't know, I don't bother to call back because if it were really important, I think they would send me a text. Tho maybe I should start calling them back, in case they don't place as much value as I do in texting. XD
    ♥ xixia |

  2. this is so me haha im the queen of screening... maybe because i get about a million calls a day from oregon and washington numbers and i dont know anyone in those states. strange strange strange!

  3. Do you really get that many random calls on your cell phone? Almost every unknown number is some company I use or whatnot...I almost never get any junk.