Monday, July 23, 2012

more floral pants

so it looks like i should eat my words. once i picked up a few necessary (ahem, necessary to me.. floral shorts probably aren't necessary to everyone) staples, everything else in my closet took on a whole new light, and i love getting dressed again! :) it helps that the weather has cooled down a bit, too.

i've been in this really awesome mood for the last week or so.. just really super into my life and everything going on around me. a few days ago, i hung out with kendall and avery all day. a couple of nights ago, austin surprised me with '50 first dates' (i have this thing for adam sandler, that austin does not reciprocate.. to say the least, haha). i've almost got everything to send off my package for the lovely package exchange! today, i got some mint jeans (finally.. becca & i went hunting for some in FEBRUARY). i really love my job, the people that i work with, and the work that i do every day. tomorrow i get a full day of dates with my boy.

i'm glad that i go through these periods of understanding how completely lucky i am to live this life. i spent a lot of time on friday watching news coverage regarding the shooting in colorado, and some time saturday reading about the lives that were lost. it SUCKS that things like that can even occur, and i wish there was a single thing i can do about it. surprisingly, two blog posts helped to ease my mind that day (1, 2). all i can say is that those lives will be remembered by me, and i'm sending as many good vibes as possible to aurora right now. it seems pretty trite to pair these sentiments with an outfit post of all things, but an event like this makes me want to appreciate things like outfits even more, day after day.

shirt: out of print (i bought the men's one, because i thought i'd like the fit better.. i've since bought women's shirts from out of print, and i can officially recommend that route)
cardigan: american eagle (this year's)
shorts: kirra (similar)
sandals: black poppy



  1. Ahh adorable shorts! I need more floral oriented pieces in my wardrobe! ^^
    And agreed, it was awful hearing about that tragedy. My heart goes out to all those families affected.
    ♥ xixia |

  2. i am quite obsessed with anything floral... those shorts are precious!!

  3. Replies
    1. unfortunate angle because i was standing on the porch and austin was standing on the sidewalk. otherwise i look like an infant.

  4. oh i want this whole outfit, especially the floral shorts!