Sunday, July 8, 2012

radio silence

source (the first page of huckleberry finn)
this week seemed endless, and even after we got power back, i just didn't have time for the internet!

things i've been up to lately:

i finally saw moonrise kingdom! it was incredible and everything everyone says it is and so of course i immediately started coveting a poster! but, since i probably won't get my hands on one.. this seems like a good substitution. :) also, i favorited like a million of her other posters. i'm always trying to find a classy alternative to austin's movie poster collection, haha.
related: a cup of jo posted this list of wes anderson's best tv commercials this week. i had fun watching them this morning. :)

bekuh made a huge button factory announcement last week! we're SO excited about these necklaces. i have one, and i covet the 7-feathered one. <3

i've been REALLY wanting some more tattoos lately. i'm trying to plan out the rest of mine pretty specifically so i can end up with gorgeous pieces working together, like both of these girls. i sorta want the second girl's finger tattoo right now! so cute. :)

my new job rules. it's a lot harder, a lot more fun, and just an overall better situation than my last. i get two days off like a normal person! everything's just awesome.

austin and i have been talking more and more about a puppy coming into our lives once we move. i'm allergic to kitties, or else we'd have one of those lil guys by now. my dream is really to own a couple of bunnies and a pup, but austin hates bunnies. :( but! a puppy! in our lives! in october! this is big.

i finished a book, the great house, and started another margaret atwood book, oryx and crake. this one is set in the same world as the year of the flood, which i finished a few weeks ago, so i'm excited to be immersed in it again.

i'm excited to catch up on all the blogs i've missed this last week, now that things are calming down. see you guys soon <3


  1. Get a puppy! Get a puppy! I got one in May and it was a great decision.
    Oryx and Crake is great. Atwood is so while still being weird and depressing if that makes sense.

  2. Hooray for future puppies, necklaces in the shop, electricity, books to read, and awesome new jobs! I feel like a whole lot of crazy goodness is starting to come your way :)