Tuesday, July 24, 2012

i don't have instagram, but that doesn't really stop me

i find myself snapping little pictures on my phone all of the time. some of them are for practical reasons, like needing confirmation on an outfit, but others are because the moment is 2 cute 2 b 4gotten.

1. avery fell asleep on me and i couldn't resist her lil chubby legs
2. i had lunch with my mama at a place in town last week, and our sandwiches came out shaped like little hearts :)
3. mine and austin's drinks at lunch were pretty, summery, and complementary.
4. a favorite christmas gift finally found a home.. i've since given him a couple of necklaces.

5. i needed confirmation from becca that i didn't look like an insane person in this outfit. i couldn't find my left black flat, and doc martens were my only option. i've since cleaned our closet, and found it.
6. has anyone else seen the newest issue of bust magazine? i love every copy of this magazine, but this month tavi is on the cover. her interview and the pictures are perfect.
7. mixing bathing suit patterns at work. i loved this one.

hopefully one day i'll have instagram, so this nonsensical picture taking won't be in vain. ;) <3


  1. panera teas are some of my favorite!

    and im really loving that dress + boots outfit... i recently bought similar boots and i have NO idea how to wear them!

    1. ahh i'm SO glad someone else has trouble with them! i seriously thought a pair of ankle-high black boots were the PERFECT addition to my wardrobe but they're kind of a pain. here's to hoping fall weather makes them more wearable! haha <3

  2. Ah, cute instagram pictures!! I have one myself, but I always keep forgetting to take pictures and put them on there. XD
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com