Thursday, June 28, 2012

the end of the beginning

this week i got the news that i've (seemingly) been waiting a month for, and i'll be starting my new job this monday!

although i am SUPER excited and, honestly, super relieved to be leaving my current position, i can't help but be a little bit sad. i'm a terribly sentimental person, who attaches importance to EVERYTHING. this was my first management position, and i learned a lot while in it. i'm thankful for the opportunity i was given (i know that the company took a chance hiring someone with no management experience), and know that i would not have gotten this new job without it.

i can see myself in this field for a long, long time.. what i'm learning is especially coming in handy for my future with the button factory. :) i've really learned how to be and how not to be a fair, understanding, and professional leader, and i can't wait to take these skills to my new job.

it's just all so bittersweet, but, needless to say, i can. not. wait. it's going to be challenging, rewarding, and a totally different experience.

thanks for all the well wishes back when i first mentioned the interview. :) <3


  1. Hooray for new beginnings! I'm so happy this hoping has become a reality. And I'm super happy you're learning all this stuff for the button factory ;)

  2. yay! congratulations on the new beginning!

  3. Congratulations! Hope the new job is amazing for you :)
    Amy xo