Tuesday, June 26, 2012

stay awake through summer like we own the heat

it has been sooo hooooot this week that i haven't even wanted to get dressed. i read that weather across the country has been above the 90s all week.. but of course everyone probably thinks it's worse where they are. ;) at one point this weekend i was actually grateful that i was going to work inside the well-air conditioned mall for most of the day. i turn into such a toddler when it comes to being overheated. luckily, i have this easy to wear, thin linen dress. full disclosure: i wore the scarf because my hair was looking a little silly at the ends, haha.

ok, boots probably seem like a ridiculous thing to wear while complaining about stifling heat, but i swear these are incredible. i don't have to wear socks with them, and they're pretty baggy, so they breathe really well. honestly i will probably praise these boots until they fall apart on my feet. i'm so obsessed. i'm about to buy another pair of minnetonkas.. they'll be pair four, and i can't get enough!

sunglasses: some random mall cart.. they always sucker me in with their 2 for $10 sales.
scarf: american eagle
dress: aerie (this is a similar style & it's on sale)
belt: american eagle (similar)
boots: minnetonka (they're restocked!)

since we've been taking these pictures in front of our house, we get kinda jumpy and giggly when neighbors come outside. thankfully, we have friendly, hysterical neighbors and they'd probably take it in stride. the other day, austin was outside reading, and overheard a woman talking to her toddler daughter: "get back here! you gotta cheek hangin' out of your pants! you wearin' a baby thong!" ahhhhh, hilarious.



  1. Woah, I never wear my boots in the summer, but now I think they could work. :)
    Great outfit - the dress & scarf are great together!
    ♥ xixia
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  2. I LOVE your outfit! Bold move wearing boots during a Virginia summer, but you pull it off perfectly. I grew up in Charlottesville! I also love the post title - Brand New is my favorite band ever and I have lyrics from 'Fork and Knife' on my ribcage :)

    Have a wonderful day!!