Monday, June 18, 2012

this weekend

on friday night, austin and i took ourselves out on a good old fashioned date. it'd been awhile, so we went all out. started with a huge dinner, then a little walk through target (mostly to stock up on pre-movie candy.. shh), then to the movies.

we went to see prometheus, which was ridiculous and i loved it. i wasn't expecting to like it even a little bit, but i really did. it was the perfect way to decompress and get out of my own head for a little bit. i should let austin pick movies more often. ;) also.. every time i go to the movies, i get so sucked in to all of the trailers! i guess that's the point, though. i'm SUPER excited for frankenweenie (i have a little thing for frankenstein-related books/movies/art) and the new quentin tarantino, django unchained. and apparently also every other movie advertised. :)

other than that, i just worked this weekend. i'm still waiting for the official news on my new job, so i feel a little bit like i'm biding my time.. or like i'm in limbo. it's getting rough, day after day, so i'm hoping for news soon.

on that note, my sweet boy just got home with a surprise (it's ice cream!) for me. :) <3

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