Friday, June 1, 2012

pretty things around the internet

hi guys! i hope everyone is having a good week. i've been running myself ragged - i had to set aside my day off for errands (minus a sweet lunch with old coworkers.. i miss them all of the time), and i haven't been able to sleep in any day this week.. i know, poor me. but these late retail nights really take a toll on a girl.

this week, i finished "the particular sadness of lemon cake" and started margaret atwood's "the year of the flood." i'm really excited for this one - margaret atwood is one of my favorite authors, and i've tried to space out reading all of her books, instead of reading them all at once.. so that they last longer, obviously. that's normal, right? ;)
even though finishing books is actually one of my favorite things in the world, i was kind of sad to finish "the particular sadness of lemon cake." although it was absolutely not what i was expecting (at all..), the  storytelling really pulled me in. i found myself understanding rose and even anticipating her actions. a couple of the book's subjects hit kind of close to home, too, and the way she handled them was the exact opposite of the way that i did.. something i really like finding in books. i recommend it. :)

here are some things i've been saving to share all week:

bekuh wrote a post about a date night austin and i shared with she and ryan. her photography is so incredible, i love seeing even my life through her eyes!

a cup of jo is one of my favorite blogs. she is always introducing the coolest things, like this. her blog was also the first place that i saw the trailer for mindy kaling's new show (SO excited).

i've had wedding fever lately (for literally no reason), and james of bleubird just posted her enchanting wedding video.. i can't get enough of her pretty life. :)

i have this ugly baby blue dresser (you may have seen it in the background of a post or two) since before i can remember, and i could never decide what color to repaint it. now i'm thinking yellow.



  1. Cute little blog, pretty lady! Consider me your newest follower! And I agree, A Cup of Joe has got to be one of the most inspiring blogs! xo

  2. Go for yellow!! Everything looks good in yellow. Can you tell I like yellow?

  3. just found your blog super cute! Thought I would say hi! x