Monday, June 25, 2012

greasy fast food dates

austin and i really like sonic. i like their burgers, he likes their hot dogs. i like their strawberry limeades, he likes their ocean waters. sometimes they have half off milkshakes and we both really like that. so, on saturday night, we parked my car, rolled up my windows, turned on the ac and radio, and ate in the drive-in. :)

we've actually been listening to the radio all weekend. since we have totally different, rarely overlapping tastes in music, we're kind of picky and weird about what we listen to in the car together. the radio provides a third party that chooses the music for us. :)

stations programmed in my car: the local standard pop music station, a country station (i know, i know.. but it's so fun sometimes!.. especially 70s-early 90s country), a classic rock station, an oldies station, the kind of "easy listening" station that i think plays at my mom's work, and a local station that plays more contemporary music. we had fun singing along and making fun of some of the more classic songs. we even had a bohemian rhapsody moment (all i could think about was wayne's world)! since the dvds that play at my job sometimes include really new pop music that i'd never hear otherwise, i had fun introducing austin to one direction and never shout never. even though i think we sometimes get caught up being a little bit snobby with the music we listen to, it's fun to just.. let music be fun. one of my most recent favorites is justin bieber's "boyfriend." :)

do you think you turn your nose up at the radio, or do you prefer how much fun it can be?  i'll probably go back to my ipod shuffling tomorrow, but austin and i might stick to the radio when we're driving around together from here on out. there's just something that screams summer about driving around, listening to the radio. <3


  1. i have been CRAVING sonic lately! i grew up in texas where they were on every corner but now i have to drive about 30 minutes to find one! cherry limeades and ocean waters (and the tots) are my faves!!

  2. You are so adorable! I love your sunglasses!

  3. You guys are SO cute! Sonic dates are the best. Give me a limeade and I'm a happy girl. ;) But as far as the radio goes - I'll listen to it if I have to but secretly wish cars could install vinyl record players. I'm working on it!