Wednesday, June 27, 2012


since our roommate moved out, austin and i are living completely, actually on our own for the first time ever. lately, that's just meant that we're incredibly lazy and leaving our shoes and belongings in rooms that used to be shared with other people.. but i'm hoping to change that.

i've never actually been able to pinpoint my own personal interior design style, but something really clicked when i saw rachel's dining room tour. we don't have a dining room (nor do we really have a need for one), but i think i can use inspiration from this throughout my house.

i have some serious plans for the personal photographs and pretty prints from etsy in our room to be spread throughout the house. i'm mostly just excited to start scheming, because we'll probably be leaving this house when our lease runs out in a few months, and i'll get a fresh new start.

1. penmanship pillow/ settle down
2. custom doily blanket/ willow
3. salt and pepper shakers/ anchor
4. shooting target/ jack rabbit
5. coasters/ bear rug
6. custom painted record/ lyrics
7. vegan antlers/ i haven't actually decided on colors!

i've already started a tiny collection of home-goods-i-gotta-have on etsy, and as you can see, my taste is sort of all over the place. but i'm hoping it'll all come together somehow.. eep.

are there any incredible room tours that i need to see? i generally avoided them, so it's like this whole new world has opened up. <3


  1. that settle down pillow is way too cute!

  2. how exciting. those salt and pepper shakers are just too cute!

  3. Your inspiration photo is simply STUNNING. I always find that the best way to pinpoint your "style" is to collect images of spaces that you absolutely love, and then go through them to find the common threads. A dominant color? tone of wood? particular lines? patterns? It actually really works!

    Your blog is SO adorable, by the way! :)

  4. I love that custom painted record! All of these are great decoration inspiration photos. I usually raid pinterest to get design and decoration ideas. SO fun! :)

  5. Ahh I loved decorating my home! Doing some DIY really makes it feel like your own :) Love those salt and pepper shakers
    Amy xo