Monday, June 4, 2012

trying to welcome summer

even though i'm now officially a documented summer-hater, i did a couple of things that scream summer on my day off this week. kendall has been taking little avery to the pool every day, and i've been soo jealous. i finally got to join them!

i love those sweet ladies. <3

(she had something to add to my conversation)

i stayed as long as i could, until i got a distressing call and had to leave for a couple of hours. it was probably just in time, though, because in those couple of hours, i got sunburnt. :( i really, really do not tan (if you can't tell..), my skin turns bright pink and then i go back to being stark white. i'm okay with it, because i'm going to have awesome skin in my later years, but the recovery time super sucks. you have no idea the amount of editing i had to do these to make me not look like a vampire.. and i still kind of do.

after i took care of some car business (that ran upwards of $150! - does anyone else think cars are the number one biggest waste of money? ugh), i met back up with kendall and avery, with kayla in tow!, for some frozen custard from a cute new place in town, chillypop.

she was clearly into taste testing everyone's custard.

obsessed with this picture.

by the end of it, my cone was perfectly avery-sized! the parlor was a tiny space, so the four of us kind of took it over while we were there. avery was acting like she owned the place. ;)

i have to be honest, if summer can keep offering up sweet get togethers like these, i might change my tune. <3


  1. She is absolutely precious! I swear there's nothing cuter than a little one basking in the summer. ;)


  2. Oh that sweet little angel baby bunny princess!!! Just kidding. But her eyelashes are beautiful and she seems like the happiest baby on earth! And your haircut is more awesome every day!

    1. haha PERFECT. ahh, she's literally the happiest baby. she just runs around giggling at nothing/everything. :) and thank you!!!!! i'm starting to get used to it, but it still freaks me out sometimes, hahah. <3<3

  3. this pictures are fantastic - if they are snapshots of what you're whole summer is going to look like you are one lucky duck ::)