Friday, June 8, 2012

most eventful minor league baseball game.. ever

yesterday was one of those days that i wasn't sure i'd be able to fit everything i wanted to do in 24 hours (spoiler alert: i was right.. i couldn't).

because we're back to being a one car family, i had to wake up at 6:30 am to take austin to work. then i came home, showered, fretted over my appearance, and went to my in-person interview (supposed to hear back tomorrow.. fingers crossed!). then i went to visit my grandma, who just got home from a 3-week vacation in colorado, and my sister, avery, and eddie, kendall's boyfriend, stopped by there. we caught up and giggled with avery, and then i had to be on my way to pick austin up from work.

this is where we had to make some choices. there was a graduation party for my cousin, an on the cooling board show we really wanted to attend, and austin's dad had planned a little birthday celebration for his paw paw's 81st birthday at a minor league baseball game nearby. we love the salem red sox games and a grandpa's birthday just seemed to outweigh the others, so we made our decision and were on our way.

we bought dinner and got comfy in our seats for a few innings, and then it started raining. hard. and cold. we heard some rumblings of the local news report which said the rain was going to be short-lived, so we decided to wait it out. every covered section of the stadium was PACKED. it's times like these when i remember just how tiny i am in comparison to a normal-sized person, and i get a little nervous (even though i had my cell phone - i also have an over-active imagination). i think it was like a 45 minute setback, but my internal clock is also a little over-active i think most of the time so who knows really but just picture a million people standing under little sections of roofed areas in cold rain for that long! wah.

so we finally get back to our seats (after we dried them off), austin's dad provided us with peanuts, and the game was getting kind of intense when.. the stadium lights went off.

that's what it looked like.

for a little bit, we hung out while they played silly songs (dancing in the moonlight) over the loudspeakers and had a picture of rick flair on the big screen. they eventually called the game, but not before the boys started throwing peanuts at people on the field. lots of giggles.

now that i'm home and in bed, i think we made the right decision about tonight. :) we'll get to use our tickets again, since the game was called early, and i'm excited to pick a night. minor league baseball games always have really funny theme nights (tonight's was the 80s). bingo night is my favorite, even though i'm really bad at it since i have no actual knowledge of baseball, haha.


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