Tuesday, June 12, 2012

handmade vase

this year for my birthday, my perfect best friend becca gave me a ton of sweet little gifts, including a piece of her ceramics work! i was so excited. i kind of wish that every single piece of dish ware i own is actually from becca, but that might be impossible.

on sunday, austin's grandma gave me these pretty flowers, and i was so excited to put them in this little vase.

can you see the faint little fair isle pattern she glazed on it? she's working on starting an etsy store, if i don't steal everything she makes for the rest of her schooling.

having super generous, artistic friends is so awesome. becca has sent me collages (a particularly good one of sarah jessica parker.. remind me to share it sometime), drawings (a john cusack portrait? can't wait to hang it in my new office), handmade postcards, and now a pretty vase. i want to work on keeping it full of pretty flowers year-round. becca spends most of her time at school in chicago, so seeing her work in little nooks of my house kind of rules.



  1. You're so right her little vase is the sweetest and coolest thing ever. Love it!

  2. soooo beautiful!! i love it!

  3. Seriously, some of the greatest gifts are homemade! And those flowers look lovely. ;)