Monday, June 11, 2012

hard to wear dress

don't get me wrong, i love this dress. it's SO. HARD. to wear, but every time i finally put an outfit together around it, i obsess over it. last time, i wore it with my converse. ;) this time i wore it with brown accessories and my leopard print flats.

we went for a big lunch at austin's grandparents' house, cleaned out my car (i had so much button factory inventory in my back seats, we probably could've opened a whole other store..), and bought a replacement xbox, to watch netflix and hbo go (we don't have cable), since our roommate moved out last week and took his. pretty productive day off, if i do say so myself.

while we were at austin's grandparents', his grandmother complimented me, saying something like "i would never be able to.." and i assumed that she was talking about my dress. i went on and on about how hard it is to wear, and finally, she interrupted me and said, "i was talking about your floral tattoo!" haha, whoops. i think i will never get used to anyone over 25 complimenting my tattoos, but it was really sweet.

sunglasses: ae
necklace: gift from my dad for christmas
dress: jason wu for target
belt: ae
shoes: ae
(i used to work at american eagle.. can you tell?)

i'm really excited for this week. hoping to hear some REALLY good news! <3

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  1. love this dress - and even though it may be hard for you to pull together as an outfit, I think you have succeeded for sure!!!