Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"if you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one."

yesterday i had an interview. it's for a similar position with a bigger company, working with products that i'm a little bit more passionate about. i'm really excited for what it could (hopefully!) mean for my future, and for what i could possibly learn from it to continue on in my hopeful career path of the button factory. if i scored well, i will have a final interview tomorrow! fingers crossed. phone interviews are scary stuff.. i never knew until today just how much i rely on people's body language in conversations. i need to know if you're smiling! all they (there were FOUR PEOPLE!! asking me questions) said in response to me was "awesome" or "ok, next question?" or "could you expand on that?" eep. frustrating stuff. i'm excited though, i think i'd be a better fit with this company.. i hope they did, too!

even though it's late, i wanted to share pictures of the outfit i wore so that i would feel confident and comfortable today (i took advantage of the whole they-can't-see-me thing). so, i used my webcam to document it.. i kind of love grainy webcam photos, to be honest. it may be that i hadn't owned my own webcam until a couple of weeks ago. ;)

without further ado, this is what i wore to have a serious talk on the phone. it's an outfit of most of my favorite things.

i really like wearing shorts in the summertime, which is totally weird because i'm not a huge fan of pants. today is shipment day at my current job, so skirts and dresses are absolutely out of the question, and i'm glad that i now have the option of shorts. :)

these are my FAVORITE favorite favorite favorite boots, of all time. this picture is awful but i feel like you can probably appreciate how perfect they are. anddd, since i know you're wondering who is on my cute tshirt (quite possibly my favorite thing that i own):

it's dolly parton! my post title is a sweet quote by her that i tend to repeat to myself.. i think i heard her say it on a late night tv show or read it in a book by her when i was really young. i LOVED (and continue to love) her, and my pop encouraged my love for her because she's obviously the coolest. it seems like the older that i get, the cooler she gets and the more i learn from her as a person.

can you tell how threadbare my yellow sweater is? eep. it's my favorite (this WAS an outfit of my favorites, i wasn't exaggerating!), and i need to replace it soon. any yellow cardigan suggestions? :)

necklace: CM via local honey
tshirt: curator via modcloth (i kind of want to buy a second one..)
sweater: american eagle, a million years ago
shorts: roxy via pacsun in the winter (they're corduroy)
boots: minnetonka via journeys

i'm going to spend the rest of my night planning my outfit for my (hopeful!!) in-person interview on thursday. :) <3


  1. i LOVE shorts. these ones are really cute. i wish i could wear shorts to work too - sucks when you cant. and those boots are the best - i really want a pair of minnetonkas like that one day soon. and i love your haircut, PS.

    1. i'm super super lucky when it comes to what i can/can't wear to work.. i try to take advantage of it. :) i highly recommend the minnetonka boots! they're perfect year round. i kinda want the black pair too! haha. and thank you!! <3<3

  2. woo hoo! so excited for you :) btw- your haircut is adorable!!

    andrea brionne

  3. Too cute, I'm in love with my Minnetonka's rock it girl!

    xo Shane