Friday, June 15, 2012

what i do when i have the house to myself

austin's family got some pretty awful news today, so he's spending his night with them. when i'm home alone, and a little on edge from rotten news, i get kind of antsy. i tried to make positive use of my alone time, by washing the dishes and moving some things in my room around, but then i remembered something my friend jenn told me earlier this week: there's a taylor swift documentary on netflix.

i LOVE taylor swift. jenn and i used to work in an office together, and from the day that "speak now" came out until we thought our coworkers may murder us, we played it.. on repeat.. really loudly. constantly. taylor swift is probably number two in my imaginary list of concerts i would like to attend (the white stripes is number one, and well..).

anyway, i watched that, cried a little, and now i'm rewatching some girls. then i'll probably watch gossip girl while i eat dinner. i finished "the year of the flood" last night, and haven't picked my next book.. so why not veg all night? mostly i wish austin could be here so i could comfort him, but i know he needs his family/his family needs him right now.

also, here's what i did today:
avery on her cellphone, new shorts, avery's bracelets & her lil grin

i've also been all over the internet tonight, so i have some things to share:

i love this outfit that kaylah at the dainty squid posted.

color me katie is another one of my favorite blogs ever, and i loved her most recent post.

back in february, bekuh and i foolishly made plans to see moonrise kingdom THE DAY IT CAME OUT, but obviously it only came out in nyc and la. it still isn't out here, so little peeks like emily's descriptions of the imaginary books in the movie are getting me even more excited!

little posts like this make me really excited to get married (one day).

i'm really obsessed with this etsy store, especially this dress and a few others.. (i've only favorited about ten).

love this sweet necklace. and this one. and also this one.



  1. Praying for their family! Hope everything is okay. But I may need to take some of these ideas on what to do when you're alone. Gossip Girl and blaring T-swift sounds pretty wonderful to me. ;)


  2. keep your head up and good luck with everything!! i'll be thinking about you! also i think i've developed an etsy addiction and these new shops im discovering through you are realllyyy just fantastic.