Saturday, June 9, 2012

pretty things around the internet

don't worry, this isn't another etsy dump of all of my favorite bunny-related finds.. :)
it's just a little link dump, of things i found too special not to share.

ray bradbury died this week. it's always rough to know how to react when someone you didn't know, but who did have a big impact on you passes away. i've read several thoughts on the matter recently, but i loved this one.

this was my old laptop's background for a time, and i keep running into it. since finding it, i've looked EVERYWHERE for both a 'capulet' and a 'pw' button.. romeo & juliet is one of my favorites, and pw are my pop's initials. anyone wanna help me out here?

sometimes i think cheesy amusement parks get a bad rep. i've been to dollywood 4 times now (i still really want to take austin), and i try to recommend it to everyone. now i'll start directing them to this.

i have to be pretty inspired by something to actually find a diy i plan on trying, and i plan on trying this, this, and this asap.

i'm always looking for new books to read.. here's a little list of some!

and, i just found this blog and i'm loving it.


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