Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i'm obsessed with this

i'm definitely not the first person to talk about this show, but have you seen "girls" yet ? i'm beyond obsessed. i watched the first episode on youtube, but then didn't have any way to see it.. until now. hbo go came into our lives, and i've already watched every episode twice. it just resonates. i never find tv shows like that.

how can you not love them?
there are times on the show that i actually think i lived, and i'm pretty sure that means lots of other girls have lived these experiences, as well. if you're a twenty-something female, i HIGHLY recommend checking this show out. austin is not a fan, so i'm not sure about the boys' opinion.

i've seen some controversial feedback, but i think maybe that's pretty standard with anything this realistic. at least, i think it's realistic?

either way, i took this silly quiz to see which girl i was, and, to my surprise, i was a perfect combination of hannah and marnie. i thought i'd just be a hannah. ;)



  1. this looks like SUCH a good show - but sadly, i don't get the channel and its not on hulu :(

  2. I LOVE this show too, it just seems so different from any other show about 20-somethings on t.v. right now. I love that first picture of the girls, too great

  3. Ahhhh I'm in love with Girls!! I'm a mix of Jessa and Marnie : )