Monday, August 27, 2012

a thing that i don't understand really

so, as i was editing all of the pictures for the last couple of days' blog posts, i noticed that i've worn literally every item in my outfit, except for the tights and boots, at least once already in an outfit post. and this isn't even the first time that that has happened! at first i was kind of embarrassed but then i thought about how totally different each outfit has been, and also how completely weird it is that i would be embarrassed about that. seriously.

i think reading so many fashion blogs has made me think that an item of clothing is for one wear on the blog and then never heard from again, which is so goofy and unrealistic. i own clothes that i haven't posted on this blog (i'm trying to get better about outfit posts.. i have an inkling of a feeling that more will come when i can layer), but i wouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed if these were all of my clothes, because it's way fun to "remix" them. i kind of hate using that word, which is another thing that i feel like was made up by bloggers, because isn't "remixing" just.. wearing?

i wear my clothes. i wear my mint green jeans like once or twice a week and i haven't worn them the same way twice yet. to me, that's the fun part about clothes. not owning a trillion million articles and making one outfit each. so even though now i'll make a conscious effort to not continue showing off my wooden beaded necklace, my floral shorts, my virginia werewoolf tshirt, my dolly parton tshirt, my heart cardigan, and my floral socks, i'm pretty proud that my first few outfit posts were an inadvertant remix challenge of sorts (i always loved when kendi everyday did those).

anyway, that was a silly rant accompanied by photos of one of the silliest/happiest moments of last week. let me know how you feel, if your heart desires.



  1. totally agree! i think i like your outfit posts so much because they're realistic: pieces i can afford, trends i can keep up with and recreate... love it!

  2. I was thinking about this the other day too, what does 'remixed' even mean?! Surely people don't wear an item once, and of course they mix and match their clothes! I'm not sure if people are afraid their readers are going to recognize a particular item or something?

  3. hi Katie!

    I can't agree with you more! Looking through fashion blogs does make me wonder sometimes if it's a rule of one-time-show. But in my blog i talk about my life and my clothes. In real life we do mix and match all the time. My wardrobe is not random - it consists of the pieces that i chose and like, so why would i abandon them after wearing once? That's true, Katie, real people wear what they like as often as they like. :-)