Wednesday, August 15, 2012

back to school shopping part 2

my first back to school shopping wish list mostly focused on etsy, but i know that my whole wardrobe can't be vintage/handmade (maybe one day, but not with my job being what it is).

this time i just made little outfit vignettes.

first, a few ideas for what i can wear with my polka dot jeans:

clockwise from polka dot jeans:
peter pan blousebunny sweater (won't it be SO CUTE over the peter pan blouse?! ah)/ crochet neck sweatshirtwhite scalloped blouseblack floral button-up

blue dresspolka dot sweatercolorblock flatsleopard print belt

suede oxfords/ daisy tank/ button-up tunic/ red skirt/ yellow peter pan collar top/ heart print cardigan



  1. Okay I seriously love all of this. Can we just rent an office space to use as a joint closet? We'll throw everything in together and it will be awesome. You seriously have the best taste.

  2. im with bekuh. i want EVERYTHING!

  3. that coral skirt and that heart print cardigan? ohmygawd. I NEED THEM!?!