Monday, August 6, 2012

kendall's 21st birthday

last week, my little sister turned 21! which is so weird. and makes me feel SO old. but that's fine. our dad has taken us to the same restaurant for our birthdays since before i can remember. it's a tradition that i don't mind at all.

a really awful storm with hail as big as quarters started pretty much right when austin and i needed to leave the house to meet my family.

i like taking pictures of frankenstein on road trips and i guess now i like taking pictures of him during weird weather.

thankfully, we got there safe, albeit a lil wet.

i don't drink, so my 21st birthday was kind of a non-event (actually, that's a lie.. some really cute people threw me a "wine and cheese" party, but that's for another time). but that doesn't mean that i didn't get super excited for kendall's! when we got there, she was enjoying her first legal drink. it was so cute. avery was really into the whipped cream at the top, uhh.

kendall and her little family
me and my little family ;)

i love my little sister. there's so much we disagree on, but growing up together really does give us an understanding of each other that no one else will ever have. i've gotten to see her so much more lately than i did while i was in college, and i cherish every second of it. even if she thinks i only see her to spend time with avery!

i'm so glad i have a sister. <3

she was wearing 4 inch wedges.. we're the same height, i promise!

this restaurant takes a group picture at birthdays. i'm sure kendall and i could scrounge up about 10 or so of these each. i think last year's picture from kendall's birthday was the best picture i've ever taken.. ever. we always talk about that, haha. ;) i like this year's because austin had to bend down to fit in with us shorties!

the whole gang!
grandma, jennifer, dad, me & avery, austin
eddie, kendall

it was so nice out after dinner was over. :) <3


  1. you and kendall look like sisters! and you and your man make QUITE the cute couple.

  2. How sweet :) I grew up with two brothers, so I'm a little bit jealous of your sisterly bond.

  3. Aww sister time is always fun :) I need to hang out with mine more often!

  4. You & your sister each have such a cool style about you!

  5. Oh my gosh Avery is adorable! My family goes to the same restaurant for every holiday too haha :)

  6. Such a cute families :) i loved it , Happy birthday for your 21st birthday dear. awesome Pics collection.