Friday, August 3, 2012

livin' the dream

but seriously isn't this the dream?!
first, i can't believe it's already three days into AUGUST. man, the fact that time seems to literally fly will always surprise me.
second, this week has been awesome and busy and perfect and full. i can't wait to properly document everything.. so many pictures and so much love to share.
third, this weekend is tax free weekend in virginia, and i'm a leeeettle bit stressed about working at the mall every day of it (why people go nuts for what is essentially a 5% discount is a silly thing to think about, too). thank goodness that i get monday off! i have a feeling it will be spent in my pajamas.. even during the button factory meeting. bekuh, you've been warned. ;)

have a good weekend! <3


  1. Let's just make it an official pajama party and then we will both feel completely normal and not the least bit odd. I don't know what all has been happening but I'm excited to hear more. You're awesome. Good luck this weekend.

  2. have a wonderful weekend! and tax free weekend? hmm, I didn't know that states did that. what an interesting idea

  3. Boo tax free weekends but yay for cute bunnies!

  4. Oh man I love tax free weekend. Isn't it the beginning of back to school/ the best retail season ? I'm crossing my fingers so hard that ae gets back in my life this year !!! Also, I'll be home on Wednesday ! Can we get coffee on thurs/ Friday ?

  5. oh MY GOSH. bunnies swarming all around you to be your best friend???? YES PLEASE.