Thursday, August 9, 2012

virginia werewoolf and math the band!

i've mentioned this in passing, but i don't think i've really expanded on it. i love going to shows. i'm lucky enough to live in a town with a growing music scene, and i try to take advantage of it as often as possible. i spend a lot of my nights at work, so this doesn't happen as much as i'd like, but sometimes a show comes along that is TOO GOOD to pass up, and i have to ask off of work.

this show was one of those. it was actually in a neighboring town, about 35 minutes away, but there was no way i was missing it. luckily i had a fun friend who was ready for an adventure, and took my word for it that the bands would be worth it. :)

i'm SO GLAD caroline and i have been hanging out more often! she's so fun and always up for whatever, even though i just realized that this is the first time we've done something other than get coffee together. ;) hopefully it'll open all kinds of new doors for things for us to do! we spent a lot of time once we got there walking around and giggling, because shows seem to never start exactly right when i get to them, weirdly enough.

first up, austin's new band, virginia werewoolf, played. i haven't seen them in a couple of shows (thanks to work :( ), and they had worked up a couple of new songs! it was fun. i love watching them grow as a band, and i've gotta say, i'm really glad that my boyfriend has only played in bands that i like so far. ;) they don't have any music online yet, but while you're waiting for it, you should check out sewn together records for free music from other roanoke bands!

part of the reason that i deemed this show worthy of asking off work AND dragging a friend along to was that math the band was coming back to town! and yes, they are actually as fun as their website implies. have you heard of them before? they've gotten pretty well known, touring with andrew wk. i saw them in 2007 or 2008 at the american eagle music festival (haha, whatever, i had an awesome experience with it), and again a couple of months ago when they came into town. they've never disappointed. i HIGHLY recommend seeing them if you find out they're coming nearby!

i only took a picture so that you'd believe me ;)
after the show, caroline and i bought matching tshirts (nerds), and i mentioned to justine, the lady in the band, that i had seen them at that particular festival. we reminisced and she filled me in on the happenings of a couple of the other "college bands" (that's what american eagle billed them as, haha) that played the festival. as it turns out, my favorite of them all (the delicious - go there and listen to the music! SERIOUSLY!) is no longer a band! boo. luckily, i bought their cd back then and still have it.
the whole long ride home (we got stuck in traffic), caroline and i talked about how HAPPY we were. it seems like that is the entire goal of math the band, and they super succeeded with us (nerd). especially chatting with justine made my night!
introduce me to some local bands from your part of town! :) <3


  1. Was that show inside someone's house??!!

    1. nah, it was at a coffee shop in christiansburg. i haven't been to a house show, i have too much anxiety for it.

  2. this looks like so. much. fun. youll need to introduce me to some more bands (my music taste is kind of out dated haha)

  3. I;m right there with you - nothing makes me smile like seeing a show