Thursday, August 30, 2012

feeling like a grown up

today i signed up for my own car insurance (!!!!). i don't know if i'm too old to be doing this for the first time (probably), but i'm not embarrassed. i think i handled it like a champ. to be honest, it was nooooowhere near as dramatic as i was expecting it to be, but i'm used to spending hours at a time dealing with health insurance issues, so i guess expecting the worst is my m.o. these days.

this is what i wore to the insurance office. ;)

one nice thing was that the agent i was speaking to and i were basically the same age, and she didn't make fun of me for my cluelessness. i stick to the rule that there are no dumb questions when it comes to dealing with things that i just. don't. understand (like health insurance and, i thought, car insurance). unfortunately, sometimes the people who i'm asking do not agree with that stance. luckily, she did, and was awesome, and i feel really good about the whole thing. my dad made a comment about how everything seems to go better than i think it will, and in this situation, it totally did. i've been putting this off for WEEKS (if you follow me on twitter, you know this already)! this is pretty silly, but i'm all about celebrating the small victories.. especially since i know for the rest of the afternoon, i'm going to be battling my health insurance situation and it's going to s u c k, haha.

barrette: pacsun (high school)
scarf: american eagle (similar)
chambray shirt: american eagle (high school, but similar)
belt: thrifted in high school (and found by austin in my grandma's basement [similar])
shorts: american eagle (high school - they're actually a size too big so i had to extra roll them up and belt them, but i love it [similar])
shoes: minnetonka

if you couldn't tell, i'm sort of obsessed with how many of these things i've had since high school. sort of.



  1. I can't say how much I love your shoes!


  2. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

  3. a few comments: i have about three pairs of moccasins they are my favorite form of shoe. i also LOVE denim on denim. so cute.

    andddd. i still dont have my own car insurance (blush). im a child. whoops.

    and COME VISIT SAN DIEGO! ill be the best guide ever i promise!! so many bunnies and meals!

  4. Perfect amount of denim A+, girl

    1. Oh boy my little picture ~actually~ shows up now am I a real person on the internet again ? (miss you)

  5. Ah car insurance was a big thing for me too! That and my phone bill were the last two things I took over from my parents last year. It's crazy feeling like we're actually supporting ourselves and getting this grown up thing down. Where did the time go?