Wednesday, August 29, 2012

dressed up for dairy queen

last weekend, my mom got married. it was really sweet and low-key. i decided not to share any pictures of that (mostly because i don't have any, haha), but i did want to share a goofy little moment beforehand.

my sister and i were mom's non-traditional version of bridesmaids, and that meant that mama basically got to dress us. which then meant that i had some ridiculous pent-up dress up frustrations. who doesn't want to plan their own fancy outfit for a wedding?! (disclaimer: i totally loved what my mom picked, i'm just a brat and had dreams of wearing one of the vintage party dresses from the button factory inventory.) because of those frustrations, i think i went a little overboard in dressing austin for the wedding.

the only picture taken of us (i think), via kendall's cell phone

thankfully, he was a really good sport and looked super handsome and got a million compliments. even now i can't stop thinking about how cute he was! eep.

anyway, we were super hungry before we met up with my sister to head to the church, so we decided to stop and get something to eat. austin thought it would be hilarious to eat fast food in our fancy get-ups and really.. it was.

i guess because it was a friday night in the summertime, dairy queen was packed with families. we got lots of stares and i covered myself in napkins to make sure that none of my chili cheese hot dog spilled on my dress (i'm nothing if not classy). it was cute. i'm glad to have this extra memory from my mom's wedding day. :)

and, just in case you were wondering:
austin's shirt and tie: american eagle
austin's chinos: pacsun
my dress: modcloth



  1. Oooh you two are so cute! And very classy, of course. I love Austin's tie -- you did an excellent job of dressing him. And maybe it's just me, but I think he looks like a younger, taller Fred Armistead with a beard :)

  2. cutest couple ever. that is all.