Friday, August 24, 2012

dear internet, meet my child

you guys, this is kerri. she's becca's little sister and i've basically all but adopted her as my own. look at her!! definitely my favorite teenager to ever exist. tonight i had dinner with her and her big sister and spent most of the time begging her to let me do an outfit post of her on my blog. ;)

i didn't get any details in terms of where she got her clothes or whatever, but we did have an in-depth discussion regarding the one direction boys and which ones may or may not be gay. it was perfect.

kerri's a dancer (i've gotten to see her twice), and i loved this necklace that becca gave her - the charm is teeny tiny pointe shoes!

we giggled a lot. :)


ps, i'm planning on posting my outfit in a separate post one day, but i died over this picture and had to share it RIGHT NOW. i have no clue what our drama was, but uh. enjoy.


  1. anddd that last photo is why were friends.

    cute outfits people! teach me howww!

  2. you guys are so cute! love the photos.