Monday, August 20, 2012

taking a breather

livin' the life
things are pretty rough right now, and i'm spending most of my time wading through a lot of stress and emotions (and even some paperwork! haha). lately, anything that i write turns into a big block of complaints (which is why all of last week was a bunch of wish lists), and i don't want to memorialize anything like that for anyone. all you gotta know is i'm alive, i'm wearing taylor swift's perfume and painting my nails lilac, my boyfriend knows exactly how to calm me down, and my best friend is finally in town for the week. i'm sure everything else will fall into it's right place when it's supposed to. right???



  1. i am in the EXACT same place. every post ive written has been debbie downer times a million.

    glad you have some fun things to look forward to!!!

  2. Hope your week has improved, best friends coming to town always works for me :)