Saturday, August 25, 2012

inspired by

when i put on this outfit, i was surprised by my use of the tights. okay - i wear tights pretty religiously in the fall/winter, so it wasn't that WEARING them was a shock, it was how i was wearing them. i bought these two years ago when i went to visit becca in chicago, and have literally never worn them because i could never figure out how. they were either too blue or too lacy or not blue enough or not lacy enough or whatever. but today it was like the most obvious thing in the world to put them on. in fact, i got dressed in like 5 minutes.

then i realized why. one of my coworkers, lindsey (she has her own fashion blog. i basically love her), mixes patterns, especially lacy floral tights, every day PERFECTLY. she's such a huge inspiration. i feel like this entire outfit was an homage to her. it is definitely a little more ~out there~ than i usually get with my clothes, but i really liked it and didn't feel weird or uncomfortable or like the three floral patterns, one heart print, and kitty band tee overpowered me at all.

do you ever catch yourself putting on an outfit that is so obviously inspired by someone in your day-to-day? i really tend to only play copy cat when it comes to outfits that other fashion bloggers or even sometimes celebrities wear, so i was surprised to see this inspiration of a girl i see in real life come out of me with such a force. :) i'm hoping lindsey's pattern mixing abilities continue to rub off on me, as the weather starts cooling down here.

necklace: cm via local honey in nashville, tn
sweater: kirra via pacsun (oldddd)
tshirt: austin's band's tshirt c/o bentley & austin
shorts: pacsun
tights: forever 21
socks: ae
boots: tj maxx (for literally $9.. luckiest girl)
tote: rob ryan for alphabet bags



  1. Those shorts are so cute! Great outfit!

  2. Yeah, sometimes I am inspired by real life people! :) But I'm not so courageous with my fashion choices so I'm sure they never notice, haha.

    Erin :-)

  3. A lovely outfit
    - the tights are fab!

    Georgia :) x