Wednesday, August 8, 2012

growing like a weed

look at all of that hair!

this pretty girl is getting BIG. it's kind of mind-blowing, considering how much of her life i've spent describing her as petite and itty-bitty and "small for her age." she's toddler-sized now! she's turning into this cool kid, too. i just love seeing all of these changes in her!

her shoes are finally fitting her feet. she doesn't like these much (neither does anyone else, to be honest), but they're good for her little growing feet, and they're hard for her to get off. apparently so far, her favorite shoes are her tiny toms that i got her in nashville! which obviously makes my life. :)

avie with her grammy (my mom)
can you tell in this picture that she's trying NOT to smile? she's such a little brat. ;)

the biggest girl!
tickle fights are SO fun. but she lets you know when she's beyond over it.

sweet girl <3

she really likes pulling things out of bags, and putting them back in (unless she finds a cell phone, in which case.. she's gone, with the phone). she looks really tiny next to my tote bag, though.

this is the weirdest stuffed animal i've ever seen in my life.. it has teeth?
if we hand her a stuffed animal and say "awwww!," she'll cuddle it HARD. like super hard. i guess she does this with humans, too. i just love it.

i love everything about her! we die laughing when she's being a butthead and melt into puddles when she's sweet. it's a roller coaster. ;) <3

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  1. She's so cute, I love the photo where she's trying not to smile! :)