Tuesday, August 7, 2012


last week, i got to spend a few hours with my friend kayla, seeing her PERFECT new house (seriously, my standards for our next place have raised exponentially), meeting her sweet new lil kitty, and walking around her neighborhood.

we watched some tv after she gave me the grand tour. mostly we talked about how weird drew carey is as the host of the price is right, and she schooled me in some of the games.

it wasn't long til we started getting pretty hungry, and it just so happens that she lives about 3 blocks from my favorite restaurant in town, wildflour, so we were excited to take a little walk to get something to eat. it also just so happened that everyone getting lunch that day would also get a free piece of cake! this may have had a little something to do with it being our restaurant choice. ;)

even though both of our sandwiches were so good and filling, we couldn't turn down dessert (especially free dessert.. obviously). this place had SO many options, though. it took us pretty much our entire meal to decide which cake to get. eventually, we made our choices: i got key lime cake and kayla got strawberry cake. mine had little stripes of key lime pie filling and kayla's had surprise walnuts! but they were sooo good.. i've literally been thinking about going back EVER SINCE.

after our bellies were full, our walk back was a little bit slower, so i snapped a few pretty pictures of the neighborhood.

i always think my neighborhood is the end-all, be-all of quirky, pretty, and homey neighborhoods in the area, but kayla's is giving mine a run for it's money!

and, even though i'm not a kitty person, little chipper melted my heart.

i'm looking forward to spending a little more time on this side of town now! <3


  1. what an adorable house!

    (and i love love love your lace dress!)

  2. Why hello darling! I Just found your blog and am your new follower. I am loving your lace dress and .... definitely love that house. I'll be honest (:

    Amanda @ we & serendipity

  3. That kitty!!!! SO cute! That neighborhood is adorable, and free cake sounds like the perfect treat :)

  4. Those cakes look delicious, and the neighbourhood looks so pretty. And the cat...heart meltingly cute!

  5. Can't pass up free cake! And that kitty is so sweet :)