Tuesday, August 7, 2012

lovely package exchange

remember when i mentioned that i was going to be participating in oh, hello friend's lovely package exchange? well, i received my lovely package this week! i've been so excited to share it. and, let me preface this post by saying that sweet katherine seriously blew me away. i was lucky enough to be paired with someone who seemed to really get me, but also someone who clearly put SO MUCH time into the packaging aspect! they were so pretty that i got myself really worked up over unwrapping them. :)

for my wall/ for my shelf/ for my neck
seriously, are you dying? i'd like it if katherine could just come over and wrap everything for me all of the time. :) my little package is slightly inferior.. i'll definitely be upping my game next go-round!

i loved the green theme going throughout the packaging and also the gifts. i made a slight attempt at something similar - matching the wrapping to one of katherine's gifts, haha.

when i FINALLY talked myself into opening up the packages (super, super carefully), this is what i found:

clockwise from left: arrow necklace from craft to the radio, bunny print from the black apple, and a green bunny statue <3
i know some of you guys don't KNOW ME know me, but this seemed like a present from a best friend! a new-to-me jewelry shop (from which i already have a million favorites...) and bunnies are sure winners in my book. the statue found a home next to some flowers on my kitchen windowsill, but i haven't picked a place for the little bunny and girl print yet. austin and i are cultivating quite the collection of black apple prints (we're at 4 now!), and i can't get enough of them. i like having them all in different rooms of the house. :)

thank you, so much, katherine. i hope your lovely package brings you as much joy as this one brought me! and thanks to danni for putting together such a cute exchange. if i could do package exchanges once a week for the rest of my life, i WOULD.



  1. so i justttt discover oh, hello friend and got to liiikeee page 10 or something absurd last night reading/looking through.

    i looove this package exchange idea! getting mail is probably one of my most favorite things in the world.

    and you know how i feel about that bunny statue/print.... the cutest.

  2. those packages are BEAUTIFUL! it would take me quite a while to open them as well

  3. eeep I'm so glad you liked it!! I probably would have gotten you a different print if I would have known you already had so many Black Apple pieces, but the bunny totally reminded me of you.

    I'm working on a post right now to share my lovely package from you (which I adored!) but I'm a much slower blogger, I suppose. So glad we were paired up :)