Friday, August 10, 2012

playing dress up for the dmv

some days are just not meant to be awesome, and i think that any day involving the dmv is going to be one of those days. luckily, my dad and i only had about a 45 minute wait and our interaction with the actual dmv clerk lasted all of 7 minutes. unluckily, part of our business included my getting a new license plate. :( i had no idea how attached i was to those 7 letters and numbers! i tend to get attached to strange things, but this one was the strangest.

i had already gotten dressed for the day when i got the news that i'd be spending a chunk of my day off at the dmv, but i like to accredit my favorite shirt and sandals with why the experience was overall so pleasant.

i got this little button-up blouse at nostalgia in knoxville. it has the tiniest peter pan collar, which usually isn't apparent because i don't button it all the way up! whoops. but mostly, the print of foxes and deer and bunnies and leaves and acorns and squirrels and trees sold me on it.

i usually wear this top tucked into skirts, but it's kiiiind of a crop top and has these cute slits up the sides, so i've been wanting to wear it with jeans a lot lately. well, actually, this jeans obsession has had me wanting to wear EVERYTHING with jeans lately. i'm trying to talk myself out of ordering a pair of polka dot jeans as we speak, but they just seem so practical! ;)

it's been SO. long. since i wore heels for the heck of it. when i worked in an office, i wore them nearly every day, and built up quite a collection. i've missed it. :( and i LOVE these target sandals from last year. the heel is so chunky that it's practically a wedge so they're super easy for me to walk in (i'm fairly clumsy).. they also give the look of a clog, for like 1/5th of the price.

as a side note, i cannot remember what it was like to wear jeans that were not cuffed. i miss it! i can never find jeans with an inseam short enough for my little legs! i need to start hemming them all, i guess.

necklace: cm via local honey
shirt: nostalgia
belt: charlotte ruse
jeans: levi's
shoes: target



  1. Try GAP cropped length! I am almost 5'1" and they fit me like perfect skinnies :) I never have to hem!

  2. I get most of my jeans from Gap too... but for the opposite reason. I'm 5'11" and their long length jeans fit perfectly :)

    and OMG. I love that shirt so much... the print is amazing!

  3. you look so STINKIN cute. but thats not really new news haha

    and polka dot jeans?!??!! WHERE can i get myself a pair... if you dont mind us being twins :)

  4. that's a cute top. It's all flowery and girly! :D


  5. That is such an adorable print!!